New Release on the 6th September 2014:


勝景 – Roman Willi

Roman Willi is soon to release with Vent. 

Mixed with field recordings Roman intends to show the beauty of nature through his ambient music. 

This one track EP is definitely beautiful and very soothing. 

sound sample:


This is not a good bye post, it just seems appropriate to put on here . . . . Further posts will happen on here. 

W I S H E S For Tim is currently being mastered, and the artwork and package design is now taking shape. Good movements in the right direction !

This release is a compilation of just a few of the wonderful artists that have had communications with Tim. Each of which would like to show their dedication to their music and their gratitude to Tim and to the label through their own individual tracks that have been put forward in Tim’s name.

Personally I am deeply humbled and very overwhelmed by the kind words and moving tracks provided by all of you. For this I can never thank you enough.

Somehow / Twisted Tree Line & Vent will always be remembered by many of us, Somehow lives on in the background as Vent moved up to the mark last year with Tim’s guidance and love. Tim’s label will always be Tim’s, started by himself and his son in 2010. They have both worked so hard to get it running and to have the success that it has.

I will look after this and cherish it. Tim baby, you did this, you and Nico, all of this success and positivity, it’s yours. I will continue to cherish this as you do. I will do everything to make you proud of the label. You mean the world to me Tim David Brice, I love you more and more every minute of the day. I miss you amounts that I have never known before.

You are amazingly perfect – I wish I had more time with you 

I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

S o m e h o w – F i n a l R e l e a s e

Joshua Carro – What Have I done, but move farther away – This digipack will be Somehow’s final release. And what a way to end than with Joshua Carro, whom was the first artist we chose when we first started just over 3 years ago. Joshua has placed together a beautiful two track release which we feel eclipses the way we wanted Somehow to work, we hope that it has in the main, helped the genre and benefited artists. It’s an emotional time for us as this was our chance to work our way into the market and give the public supporters what, we hope, they wanted.

Joshua has been a true friend of the label, always supporting and giving advice, and for that I personally thank him. The digipack itself will probably go up on sale around February, and will be in a run of 100 copies. It will also have a special cat number. Somehow Recordings wishes to thank all of it’s customers over the years, without you, this could not have happened. It has been an eventful experience and one that we hope has been well received.

Links will appear when we are close to final artworks and sleeve credits. 


Thank you. © 2010 – 2014.




Joshua Carro – outside of time, we moved….

What Have I Done, But Move Farther Away – Joshua Carro – outside of time, we moved – On Somehow, soon. Joshua Carro was the first artist to join us here at Somehow & it’s fitting that he produces a two track digipack album that is quite incredible. This record will be on sale in the new year, we sincerely hope you like it.
Composition & Field Recordings by Joshua Carro © 2013.
Voice From Sharon Kim
Bass & Guitar, Joshua Carro © 2013.
Cymbals From Joshua Carro © 2013.
Published by Somehow © 2013-2014. © 2013. 
Cat Number – JC001.